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Odesza at Walmart Arkansas Music Pavilion 24 August 2018 | Posted in

This will be just one of the stops to the band's first headlining tour following several festival performances.

ODESZA: Grammy-Nominated Band

In the songs to the visual layout of the albums to their phenomenal live performances, everything that ODESZA generates is certain to blow you apart. You're going to be spending the entire time listening and dancing into ODESZA's greatest hits including"Higher Ground" and"Late Night", in addition to the rest of the tunes on their discography. You are certain to be blown away after the band brings out their series section and drum. offers some in-depth insights on Walmart Arkansas Music Pavilion odesza.

Within this terrific outdoor venue, Walmart Arkansas Music Pavilion, ODESZA lovers are guaranteed to have rather an exciting night! With a seating capacity from the tens of thousands, Walmart Arkansas Music Pavilion can easily accommodate the Arkansan lovers of the band. Whether you are positioned close to the front or around the yard, you're guaranteed to have a night which you'll never forget.

In Walmart Arkansas Music Pavilion ODESZA reside, you're definitely going to enjoy yourself. The collection that the band has generated will not only make you dance but also sing with its lyrics on love and nostalgia. Purchase tickets to yourself and your buddies now and get ready for a entire night of incredible music and visuals in Walmart Arkansas Music Pavilion ODESZA, reside!